Go Rugged, Get Comfy

with an Athens Overland trailer

For off-road adventures, highway journeys, tailgate hijinks, a remote-work hideaway, or an extra bedroom.

Our Squaredrop camping trailers give you on-road, off-road, free-range freedom to follow your compass wherever it points.

Go off-grid while plugged in. Athens Overland trailers equip you with an easy-rolling getaway pod for quick and easy roving — whether long-planned or last-minute.

What are Squaredrop trailers? How do they differ from Teardrop trailers?

Our products define a sweet spot between traditional Teardrop trailers and traditional Squaredrops — comfortable and homey while also robust and trail capable. Think trail-ready space capsule that can be towed almost anywhere with a standard small SUV. Small but roomy, rugged yet cozy, Athens Overland trailers give you maximum flexibility for making the most of all possible adventures.

Comfort is key. Our fine wood interiors surround you with a cozy and calming realm that you can personalize to your heart’s content.

Need bug-out superpowers? With an Athens Overland trailer, no matter what comes, you've got a backup plan and a comfortable, energy-efficient place to ride out whatever is happening.

Some of our features include:

So whether it’s off-road trekking in the wild or a wild, personalized tailgating showcase, we’ll work with you to adapt an Athens Overland trailer to your needs.

Athens Overland will accept orders starting Winter 2022 for our Squaredrop trailers and van conversions.

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